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Striking the delicate balance between sustainable innovation and timeless luxury, Bardessono Hotel & Spa blends a sleek aesthetic with a deep “green,” eco-spirit instilled by the matriarch of the Bardessono family, Lucy Bardessono. Lucy’s penchant for farming, a passion she cultivated on the historic Bardessono grounds in the 1920s, has motivated the culinary ethics and offerings of today’s Lucy Restaurant & Bar, the signature restaurant of Bardessono.Executive Chef Jim Leiken elevates Lucy’s legacy with conscious cooking and an innate locavore ideology. With a culinary philosophy ruled by the seasons, the Lucy menus are created with ingredients selected fresh daily from Bardessono’s California Certified Organic Farming garden and use only locally and regionally-sourced ingredients from farms and purveyors. Germinating a variety of hybrid, organic vegetable seeds in the Lucy Garden, Chef Leiken and the culinary team take abundant care of the product grown on the Bardessono grounds, including harvesting the organic fruit trees. His mindful approach to seasonal cuisine is appreciated in his unique preparation of plates, focusing first and foremost on the vegetable side dishes while saving the protein for the last step of dish development.